Pigmafast Polimerik Renklendiriciler


What are pigmafast® Colorants?

Pigmafast colorants are not pigment pastes or dyes

Pigmafast Colorants are a unique technology developed by AKSON for coloring polyurethane and other thermoset resins.

Pigmafast Colorants are reactive polymeric colorants that consist of chromophores which are chemically bound to polyols.  This allows the Quikolor Colorant to react into the polyurethane polymer matrix.

Pigmafast Colorants are the most widely used polyurethane coloring system in the world. Unlike pigment pastes, which are dispersions of solid particles in a liquid carrier, pigmafast Colorants are 100% homogeneous liquids that are soluble in polyol and will not settle over time.  Because of this pure liquid nature, it is possible to blend pigmafast colors in-line and on-the-fly while producing polyurethane foams and resins.  With only five pigmafast  colors, polyurethane manufacturers worldwide can easily offer virtually any color to their.

Why Color Polyurethanes?

Color is a powerful tool in the marketing of products.  At AKSON we believe color makes products better, and better colors make better products.  In polyurethane applications color can be used to create value in various ways:

Functional benefits

Mask stains, yellowing, & surface damage

Coordinate packaging with products

Enable visual detection of products

Consumers associate color with value


Color can be tied to a brand and carry the brand  image Most successful consumer products companies  have a “signature” color

Why use Pigmafast® Colorants?

Better Colors…Better Cost Efficiency

High color strength 

Typically 3 – 5 times stronger than pigments

Cost effective matches  

Our color matching experts can formulate the most economical blends of pigmafast primary colors.

Reduce waste from color changeover

Short color transitions because of the high polyol  solubility of the colorants

Improve product quality 

Eliminates problems (such as voids, cracks, and slow rise times) often seen with high dosage  levels of pigments.

Reduce color inventory 

Virtually any color desired can be produced from just a few (3 to 5) PİGMAFAST primary colors.

Eliminate obsolete inventory 

Make to order only what your customers need.

PIGMAFAST gives more glossy and shiny result on the appearance of your finished products. This phenomena postpones the aging of the product.


Better Colors…Better Product 

Appearance and Quality

Deeper and brighter shades

Dosage levels required to achieve very dark colors are possible without effecting the    physical properties of the foam or resin system.

Non-migrating and non-extractable 

Color reacts into the polyurethane matrix regardless of color depth, and once locked in it will not extract.

Less streaking 

Proper introduction of these low viscosity, highly soluble colors will help reduce streaking problems in polyurethane applications.

Reduced scorch  

Pigmafast colorants are free of heavy metals (i.e. copper, iron, chromium, etc.) and will not promote scorch.

No effect on polyurethane system

Pigmafast polymeric colorants become part of the urethane resin matrix.  They are not solid particles and will not nucleate or cause voids, and they have little or no effect on catalyst loading or foam formation

Why use Pigmafast® Colorants?

Better Colors…Better Manufacturing and Ease of Use

Easy clean-up

Cold water soluble.

No stirring or mixing necessary

Homogeneous, polyol soluble liquids that will not settle.

Easy to pump and meter    

Low viscosity and high surface tension make Pigmafast  Colorants easy to use in color systems at room temperature.

Reduced equipment wear  

Unlike pigments, these liquid colorants are non-abrasive and will not damage pumps, nozzles, tank linings, etc.


The same Pigmafast Colorants can be used in both polyether and polyester urethane systems.

Consistent product 

AKSON operates ISO 9001 and 14001 certified production facilities at the highest standards of operational excellence, to produce consistent, first quality products for each shipment to our customers.

Less space required    

Keep only 5 primary colors in inventory to produce all other colors.

Why use Pigmafast® Colorants?

Better Colors…Better Service and Support

Rapid delivery 

Worldwide inventory of primary colors.

Fast and efficient color matching   

Rapid matching and delivery of custom blends by AKSONS’s color labs allow you to  respond quickly to your customers’ unique color requests.

Color delivery system expertise   

AKSON’s personnel have years of experience implementing efficient Reactint color dosing systems, and are available to assist you.

Experienced global sales coverage

AKSON’s global sales force is comprised of experienced chemists and chemical engineers.

Technical support 

Technical Service and Applications laboratories assists the customers based on their um-met needs.

Product Offering

Better Colors…Better Choices for You

Primary Colors

Blue, Red, Yellow, Violet, Orange. Create virtually any shade with these five primary colors.

Custom blends

Our in-house color matching service can provide a custom blend to meet your specific needs. Let us develop a color just for you.

Standard black blends

Several different black options to meet your individual  requirements.

Pigmafast® – Where quality starts

We provide revolutionary solutions to help our customers win!

The high, reliable quality and novel technology of products and solutions  from AKSON form the heart of many innovative products and systems that have since become industry essentials.

With a portfolio of established brands such as Pigmafast™ polymeric colorants, CrystalClear™ Plastics colorants  AKSON is a leading supplier to customers manufacturing with colorants around the world.

Regardless, whether your customers are looking  for improved workability features or demand for a specially durable, high-quality end-product – we help  you meet their expectations. Our experts support you in optimising formulations in order to keep key properties of your end products stable and as specified – this is where quality building starts


Did You Know…

AKSON response to environmental market drivers. Increasing environmental pressure and enforcement of pollution control legislation in the world make the industry more sensitive about what they use in their manufacturing. Registration of new chemicals including new dye moleculed and non-phthalate carriers in colorants are now required by global consumers and stricter controls on effluent volume and  pollution load are being introduced and monitored. Pigmafast polymeric colorants are not pigment paste, hence does not contain phthalates or any other hazardous chemicals.

Since Pigmafast is water dispersable, it is easily cleaned up.